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    Islam is widely thought-about because the quickest growing faith in Europe due primarily to immigration and above average birth charges. In 2010, the median age of Muslims all through Europe was , eight years younger than the median for all Europeans . According to a non secular forecast for 2050 by Pew Research Center conversion doesn’t tajikistan girls for marriage add considerably to the growth of the Muslim population in Europe, based on the same research the online loss is (−60,000) because of religious switching. The faith started within the area of Punjab in eastern Pakistan and Northwest India.

    Hindus made up about 15% of the population in 2010, when there were 1 billion Hindus on the earth. According to Pew Forum, Hindus are anticipated to proceed to be concentrated primarily in the Indo-Pacific region in 2050. seventy nine.eighty% of India’s population is Hindu, accounting for about 90% of Hindus worldwide. Hinduism’s 10-yr development price is estimated at 20% , corresponding to a yearly progress near 2%. The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey survey estimated that between 1990 and 2001 the number of self-figuring out deists grew from 6,000 to 49,000, representing about zero.02% of the US population at the time.

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    According to students of non secular demographics, there are between 488 million, 495 million, and 535 million Buddhists in the world. According to Johnson and Grim, Buddhism has grown from a total of 138 million adherents in 1910, of which 137 million have been in Asia, to 495 million in 2010, of which 487 million are in Asia. According to them, there was a quick annual progress of Buddhism in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and a number of other Western European countries (1910–2010). From its origins in the Persian and Ottoman empires of the nineteenth century the Bahá’í Faith was able to acquire converts elsewhere in Asia, Europe, and North America by the early twentieth century. John Esslemont carried out the first review of the worldwide progress of the religion in 1919.

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    He also states that Muslims & Non-Muslims fertility rate difference will lower from zero.7 to zero.4 and this different will proceed to shrink because of which Muslims and non-Muslims fertility price will be similar by 2050. By 2010 an estimated forty four million Muslims have been residing in Europe (6%), up from four.1% in 1990. By 2030, Muslims are anticipated to make up eight% of Europe’s inhabitants including an estimated 19 million within the EU (3.8%), together with thirteen million foreign-born Muslim immigrants.

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    Within every religion in this family of religions, there are different theologies, practices, and sacred texts. It has been described as henotheism, polytheism, panentheism, and monotheism.

    Rulers sponsored Hindu temples and art, while also supporting different religious communities. Of notice is the Khmer Empire, which prolonged over large parts of Southeast Asia. During the reign of Suryavarman II, Vaishnavism spread throughout the empire. The well-known Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia was commissioned during this time. Hindu beliefs are huge and diverse, and thus Hinduism is often referred to as a family of religions somewhat than a single faith.

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    Christians have 2.7 youngsters per girl, which is above alternative level (2.1). And in accordance with a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, over the following 4 decades the variety of Buddhists all over the world is expected to decrease from 487 million in 2010 to 486 million in 2050. The decline is because of several elements such as the low fertility degree amongst Buddhists (1.6 children per woman), and the old age , compared to the overall population. Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha, who lived and taught in northeastern India within the fifth century BC. The majority of Buddhists live in Asia; Europe and North America even have populations exceeding 1 million.

    Today, India is home to the most important Sikh inhabitants 2% of its population, or about 20 million people figuring out as Sikh. Outside of India, the biggest Sikh communities are in the United Kingdom , the United States , and Canada .

    Hinduism is the quickest-rising religion in Ireland, predominantly a Christian nation. The nation’s Hindu inhabitants grew 34 % in 5 years, according to the Ireland census, carried out in April 2016 by its Central Statistics Office and released on April 6, 2017. Like other spiritual traditions current through the time interval of the classical period, Hinduism flourished under numerous empires which supported the religion.

    Most of the net growth in the numbers of Christians is in Africa, Latin America and Asia. According to Harvard University professor Robert D. Putnam, an rising number of Americans are leaving their religion and becoming unaffiliated. By 2050, Christianity is expected to stay the majority in the United states (66.four%, down from seventy eight.three% in 2010), and the variety of Christians in absolute number is anticipated to grow from 243 million to 262 million. By 2050, Christianity is expected to remain the vast majority of population and the most important religious group in Latin America and Caribbean (89%), North America (sixty six%), Europe (sixty five.2%) and Sub Saharan Africa (59%).

    Since 2010, the speed of improve was of zero.3% within the Americas and Europe. Christianity adds about sixty five.1 million individuals yearly because of elements such as birth fee, spiritual conversion and migration, while shedding 27.four million folks yearly because of elements similar to dying price, non secular apostasy and immigration.

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