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    Accendo Markets partners with the biggest clearing houses in the country, so you can trade with confidence. If you feel the price is going to drop, you would place a spread bet to “Sell” the asset. If it does then drop to $95 as above, you will have made a $15 profit.

    Learning how to place point spread bets is a great first step to learning how to bet on sports. Below are details on the line, how to read it, and how to use it for placing wagers. A point spread, or spread, bet is a wager based upon the eventual margin of victory in a game or match. The actual score of the game is irrelevant – only the separation between the teams matters.

    Nba Spread Betting

    This occurs when there is a very good chance that the favorite will win in straight sets. A spread is the difference between the buy price and sell price of a particular instrument. The tighter the spread, the less an instrument needs to rise or fall before you can make a profit, or loss. Here at ThinkMarkets, we offer highly competitive spreads across all of our spread betting instruments. This is why the notion that binary options are superior because “your risk is fixed” is a bit misleading.

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    First, log in to your account with the sportsbook of your choice. Perhaps the star quarterback broke their arm skiing or the number one scorer has a concussion. Bookies always study incoming information to see how it affects the odds. For this reason, you can expect many changes during the buildup to any particular game.

    Point Spreads In Boxing

    It will normally be the -110 price, meaning you have to stake $110 to get a $100 profit. Here is an example to show the use of point spread betting in a basketball match. This market is mainly used for football and basketball bets, but it is certainly applicable to all sports.

    Accendo Markets believes that many spread betting companies have lost the ability to work closely with clients, and to listen and adapt to what investors and traders need to succeed. Personalized services from Accendo include alerts, tutorials and research. Research includes trade ideas, analysis , risk management, macro events and daily commentary, encompassing all asset types.

    Ways To Trade

    But now, if the Mice lose by 21, that will be a win for a Toad’s spread bet. This will hopefully entice more people to bet on the Toads and fewer people to bet on the Mice. If it doesn’t work, they may shift the line even further until people start betting the way they want them to.

    After oddsmakers release the spread and odds for a slate of games, the betting market has a chance to weigh in. That can lead to shifts in both cases depending on market action. Also, both baseball and hockey are sports with alternate lines. At many sites, you will be able to get a favorite at –2.5 runs or goals, and the same on the underdog side.

    Nba Point Spread Betting

    Spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products and can result in losses that exceed deposits. Negative balance protection is not available for professional accounts. For example if you bet $110 to win $100 you would lose $110.

    If there is a book that will give you an extra half point or more on your bet, you should bet with them as long as they are a reputable book. Take this information Spread Betting and compare it against the lines being offered. If you see a difference from what you came up with, you’ve found a spread bet that you’ll want to make.

    Changes In The Point Spread

    Betting against the spread means you are taking the Underdog and the points in a game. To win you want the “underdog” to either win the game outright OR lose by less then the “Point Spread” you are given. In this example we are taking the underdog the NY Jets and +7 points. Spread Betting In order for us to win our bet one of two things must happen. First the Jets win the game OR the Jets lose the game but the final score has the Jets losing by LESS then 7 points. Should the final score be exactly 7 points this is a push and your bet is refunded.

    So, let’s say that two bettors wager on the same point spread. He decided to set up his own company with the intention of making spread betting more accessible. Spread betting can carry a high level of risk, with potential losses or gains far in excess of the original money wagered. The products that GKPro offer on this website, are aimed at professional and institutional clients ONLY. We offer leverage products and the fast moving nature of markets means that you can lose funds rapidly.

    How Online Betting Works

    So in this example, the Lakers are favored to win and must win by more than five or more points. In point spread betting, a team just has to do better than the predicted line. If you want to bet against the spread, a slightly different approach should be taken. For example, a majority of the money coming in the favorite could lead odds on that side to change to -115, while odds on the underdog side are adjusted down to -105.

    In a spread bet, an investor stipulates whether the market will move up or down. Profit is then awarded on a per point basis, where the investor’s stake is multiplied by each point the market moves in the specified direction. If the bet is wrong, the loss is the stake multiplied by each point the market moves against the specified direction.


    The ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ terminology are linked to that bookmaker benchmark we touched on. If you want to strip away Spread Betting jargon then you could consider it as simply being a substitute for ‘over’ and ‘under’. When you ‘buy’ what you’re saying is that the actual outcome of an event will be over what the bookmaker has predicted. By contrast, when you ‘sell’ your expectation is that the bookie has pitched their prediction too high i.e. the actual outcome will be under.

    They’ve been in operation for just shy of 30 years and during that time they’ve managed to attract and retain somewhere in the region of two thirds of the overall sports betting market. The second spread bet, which is unique to tennis, is the set spread. When betting the set spread, instead of looking at how many games a player wins, you are looking at how many sets they win.

    Spread Betting Markets Guide: Canada, Uk, Usa


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